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nani the fuck

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ok im just as excited as everyone about the gen iii remakes but please remember that the i heard u liek mudkips meme is really fucking ableist

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hey stop calling that character your “waifu” its basically raping fictionkin who identify as that character because no one consented to it thanks


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Artist: DAI(ФωФ)

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東京喰種 カネキマスクの作り方 その6






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When I get hit on

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Pinup-style Bubblegum!
this will be a print at Otakon!

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Pinup-style Bubblegum!

this will be a print at Otakon!

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Anonymous: how is insisting that individuals have a duty to be sexually available to the HIV positive population not rape culture?








oh for fuck’s sake.

this is how deep the stigma against HIV runs. you assume that anyone speaking on behalf of HIV+ people, saying that they are worthy of relationships (and most of those include sex!), saying that for an openly-poz person managing their infection the risk of transmission is ZERO OR NEAR-ZERO… their only possible motivation is predatory.

you think i’m trying to sucker those innocent neg folks into fucking those voracious, sex-crazed poz folks. that i am trying to make negative folks “available;” available? like i’m some kind of fucking procurer for the evil poz people who don’t want to be virtuously chaste, as is their right and fitting punishment?

jesus fucking christ, just come out and accuse me of rape already.

look: this ask makes me incredibly angry. i’ve laid out the reasons why a NEG4NEG attitude is bad and does harm, but i will reiterate them (and what i mean by NEG4NEG attitude is the kind of WOW HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO SUGGEST THAT I COULD HAVE SEX WITH A POZ PERSON AND NOT DIIEEEE OMG comments that are all over tumblr).

it contributes to HIV stigma. one of the hardest things for a newly-infected person to deal with is the prospect of never entering into a romantic relationship again.

it is not a rational assessment of risk. the research is clear that the risk of transmission for an HIV+ person managing their infection with HAART is near-zero or zero.

it does not protect you. the most infectious individuals are people who do not yet know they are infected and therefore couldn’t disclose if they wanted to— estimates range as high as 1 in 4 infected men being part of this category.

it discourages HIV testing. because we, as a culture, talk about HIV like it means the death of sex, people in high-risk groups avoid testing because it’s better to not know (thus contributing to the above problem)

it makes disclosure harder and more dangerous. when HIV+ people are afraid of being greeted by violence (at least one woman was murdered after disclosing), or simply angry rejection, HIV+ people might fail to disclose. i don’t give a shit if you want to pass judgment; this is the real-world, it happens, i would like to take steps to ensure that it doesn’t.

posting NEG4NEG on your grindr profile hurts HIV+ people, it hurts people in high-risk communities, and it does nothing to protect your sexual health. it is worse than useless— it actually exacerbates the spread of HIV.

i’m asking you, and the rest of tumblr, just to think a little bit about why so many of you are so vehement in telling the world you would NEVER EVER NEVER sleep with an HIV+ person. that’s it. think about how an HIV+ person might feel reading through that 60,000 note post. HIV is just a disease. it is something that people can live with. it is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

when you talk about HIV like you all do, the message you send to HIV+ people is “you are worthless, your life is terrible, you might as well already be dead.”

so i’m just asking you to think. maybe read some articles. know your risks. and if you’re still too uncomfortable to consider sleeping with an HIV+ person, at least struggle to be poz-friendly and understand that this constant rejection of HIV+ people hurts them and have a little bit of grace. understand that, for most of you, the possibility of sleeping with an HIV+ person is strictly hypothetical.

and have some fucking compassion b   y   e

saying “i don’t want to risk catching a serious disease by having sex with an HIV positive person” is not telling them their worthless jesus fucking christ the onus people put on sex is so ridiculous. sex is not a need. sex is not more important than the safety, health, and comfort of human beings.

not getting sex isn’t comparable to dying oh my GOD

you dont have to have sex with an HIV+ person to validate his/her existence and humanity though?

i’m sure they will understand if you don’t want to sleep with them. “to sex or to not sex” isn’t a necessary question to end stigmatisation of individuals who are HIV+. there’s more to the human experience than, idk, sex

I did not know it was such a low risk, and I think that’s important to publicize, but a person has an absolute right to decide who they want to sleep with, what precautions they want to take, and what risks they are willing to accept. Although the rate may be extremely low, it’s within a persons rights to say they Do Not want to risk exposure to HIV. The pos persons desire for sex does not trump the right of the neg person to decide what they are comfortable with. Even if you think they are being irrational. To some people even a 1% risk of transmission is not worth having sex. You need to respect that.

This is ridiculous.

You are reminding me of something I ALREADY KNOW. Consent is inviolate, and anyone can turn down sex for whatever reason. I’ve literally never said different.

But no, I fucking refuse to respect a person’s serophobic choices. I flat-out refuse it. It is not respectable. It is harmful to you, it is harmful to people in high-risk communities, and it is harmful to HIV+ people.

If you believe that serosorting is a valid safe sex practice, I do not respect you and I never will. Can I take away your choices? Of course I fucking can’t. Do I want to take away your choices? Of course I fucking don’t.

But you do not have my respect, because you are ignorant and refuse to change that fact.

Not wanting to swap fluids with someone because they have a transmittable STI or STD isn’t being a bigot oh my god. Especially one that is, while manageable, INCURABLE and (it you’re in the states) expensive to take care of. I would apply this kind of caution to any kind of disease that is contractible because my own health is what’s most important to me. Basically if you have something I can catch I’ll still like you and hang out with you but don’t put your bodily fluids near my mucus membranes.



Like, seriously, what fucking background do you have in HIV research or activism?

Essentially zero isn’t an absolute zero! The risk, no matter how small, is still there. Like I said, I would apply this to any transferable ailments. It’s my right to not want to put myself at any sort of risk, and you don’t really have a say against that.

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